Why Join?

Neighbourhood Watch brings local people together and can make a real contribution to improving our lives. The activity of Watch members can foster a new community spirit and a belief in the community’s ability to tackle problems.  At the same time you feel secure, knowing your neighbours are looking out for you and your property.

Benefits Of Belonging To A Neighbourhood Watch Scheme :  
- Reduction in reported crime in Neighbourhood Watch areas (Home Office figures)
- Collective security through linking with other households and other schemes
- Neighbourhood Alerts give information about crime and suspicious activity in the locality
- To register for Neighbourhood Alerts visit the Broxtowe Community website.
- Homeowners may benefit from discounted home insurance
- Support and guidance available on personal safety and household security
- Website with links to crime prevention and other information
- Regular crime updates giving awareness of criminal activity in locality and wider area
- Close working with police and other crime fighting agencies(for example Caught on Camera)
- Discounts on security equipment and referral to ACORN funding scheme if applicable
- Reduced fear of crime
- Sign posting service for assisting of the elderly and vulnerable (First Contact Scheme)
- Membership is FREE

calendar Our Next Neighbourhood Watch Meeting:

Thursday 16th January 2020
at 7pm

                  Eastwood Town Council Chamber
                   in the room behind the
                 Better than Hypnosis store
              (was the old Eastwood Post Office)


Interested in joining?

If you’re interested in joining Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) or just want to find out how you can get involved in your area


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