Vehicle Security

Your vehicle will probably be the second most expensive purchase you ever make and, as with your home, you can take steps to secure it against criminals.

Each year in Nottinghamshire there are over 20,000 vehicle-related thefts, and many of these are preventable.
Securing your vehicle

• Fit an immobiliser or an alarm or use a steering lock to deter criminals from stealing your vehicle

• Keep a list of serial numbers for electrical items in your car, such as the stereo and satellite navigation systems. This will assist the police in returning the items to you if they are stolen and recovered

• If your vehicle has expensive wheels, think about attaching a lockable wheel nut to each wheel

• Avoid keeping important vehicle documents in your car. If your car is stolen the criminal could use the documents to sell it on

• Have your vehicle’s registration number etched on to its windows and lights

• Always remove the key from your vehicle’s ignition when it is parked, even if it is on your driveway or you’re paying for fuel

• Consider fitting a tracking device to your vehicle that can be activated if it is stolen. This will assist the police in finding it

• Never leave car keys where a thief could easily reach them, such as on a key hook by a door. Keep keys out of sight or locked in a cabinet

• If you are buying a new car stereo choose one with a removable front and make sure you remove it each time you park your vehicle.
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