Eastwood Neighbourhood Watch Minutes

15th October 2019 - 7pm at St Mary’s Church

1        Chairman’s welcome and Introductions –

Apologies from PRG (introductions under Public Report)

 2        Minutes and Matters arising from the last meeting

This consisted of feedback from chair and the attendees on what was discussed in the last meeting and any completed actions.

3.       Feedback concerns of the residents present at the meeting

Dave T drew attention to problems of inconsiderate parking in two main areas
·        On the pavement at the junction of Nottingham Rd and Chewton St
·        At the access to the park where cars parked on pavements on both sides of the road, preventing mobility scooter access.

4        Police Reports

The meeting was most appreciative for the attendance of PCSOs Peter Keeley and Gabby Slaney.
PCSO Gabby Slaney presented the figures comparing the latest 3 month periods from 2018 and 2019.
Some of the statistics presented to the meeting within the police report were as follows;

Categorised item reported to the police.

Latest reporting period 2019

Comparative period from last year

Violence (against the person)



Majority domestic





Burglary (dwelling and non dwelling



Vehicle Crime


Roughly split between theft of and theft from vehicles


Criminal Damage and Arson



Drug Offences



Anti-social behaviour



Total of all reports



This report was openly discussed. It was welcomed that the overall figures had fallen.
A local current priority was dealing with the increase in theft from local shops.
Further analysis of police figures could be done from the national website at www.police .co.uk
An open discussion ensued particularly concerned with increasing the involvement in Neighbourhood Watch. Very few street co-ordinators are coming forward and a variety of methods and suggestions were offered to improve publicity and advertising the scheme in Eastwood.

 5        Treasurer’s Report      

Dave T, offered the report and it was accepted

6        Advance notice of an Annual General Meeting.

It was planned that this meeting could take place in January. It was felt that the constitution could be examined and updated if necessary.

7        Date, time and venue of next meeting

The next meeting would take place in January 2020. (Date and venue to be advised)
It was generally felt there should be 4 meetings per year. These meeting would best be held in January, April, July and October. It would also be best if the meetings were held at the same venue each time.

Points for Action

PCSO Peter Keeley would liaise with Mr Wale and Mr Lennard in supporting the setting up of watch area in Newthorpe.

PCSO Peter Keeley/Gabby Slaney would investigate ways of publicising Watch meetings using media such as Facebook and Twitter.

PCSO Peter Keeley/Gabby Slaney would further look into the issues of inconsiderate parking noted earlier.

Josie would again approach the Advertiser to see if feedback and advertising for neighbourhood watch could be publicised in the paper.

Dave would approach the council with regard to negotiating a long term booking to use the council office for meetings, for a preferential fee.

calendar Our Next Neighbourhood Watch Meeting:

Thursday 16th January 2020
at 7pm

                  Eastwood Town Council Chamber
                   in the room behind the
                 Better than Hypnosis store
              (was the old Eastwood Post Office)


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