Eastwood Neighbourhood Watch Minutes

Eastwood Neighbourhood Watch

25th July 2019 - 7pm at  

The Eastwood Town Council


Agenda and Minutes


1        Apologies and Introductions –
Apologies from PRG (introductions under Public Report)

2        Minutes and Matters arising from the last meeting
(feedback from chair on what happened last meeting, completed actions etc)

The minutes were accepted

3        Police Reports
The meeting was most appreciative for the attendance of PCSOs Peter Keeley and Gabby Slaney. It was reported that because of new shift patterns, police officers were now far more likely to be able to attend future meetings. ( More pressing police business excepted). Their attendance, reporting and opportunity to discuss local issues with them was thought to be crucial to the future of Eastwood Neighbourhood Watch, so the meeting welcomed the officers very positively.
It was explained that the new police shift patterns enabled officers to be more available in wider local areas. The virtual police station was up and running but was suffering from technical issues which meant the service was sometimes not working. However, there would always be officers available for urgent and emergency response.
A local current priority was dealing with the increase in theft from local shops.

Some of the statistics presented to the meeting within the police report were as follows;

Categorised item reported to the police.

Latest reporting period 2019

Comparative period from last year

Violence (against the person)



Majority domestic





Burglary (dwelling and non dwelling



Vehicle Crime


Roughly split between theft of and theft from vehicles


Criminal Damage and Arson



Drug Offences






Anti-social behaviour



Total of all reports




This report was openly discussed. It was reported by police and the meeting that there did appear to be a rise in off road biking causing disturbance and a risk to the bikers injuring themselves by not wearing helmets. The meeting was asked by the officers present to dial 101 to report any incidents of this nature. This would help analyse the scale and location of the problem.

Further analysis of police figures could be done from the national website at www.police .co.uk

4        Notts Watch – John Lennard
John Lennard the treasurer from Nottswatch, the umbrella organisation for many Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood schemes presented the case for Eastwood to join the group. A discussion followed about the merits of joining. It was felt that this could be an item on the agenda for the next meeting.

If anyone wanted further information the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   was offered.

5        Public report – open discussion
Those present at the meeting introduced themselves and where appropriate mentioned possible local policing issues which were responded to by the officers present.

Those present at the meeting where as follows; Josie M (chair), John L (Nottswatch), Josh P (councillor), Pat H (councillor), Jasmine S, Faith and Paul R, Graham B, Brian F, Bernard W, alan and Vanessa S, Pete K (PCSO), Gabby S (PCSO), Dave T (Treasurer). An open discussion followed with advice given by the officers. The traffic situation regarding events held at MFN was discussed and the officers reported that this was being targeted. It was felt this could be followed up in the next meeting.

6        Treasurer’s Report      
Dave T, offered the report and it was accepted.

7        Future of NHW

The increased numbers of people attending and the support given by the police, together with attendance by local councillors and residents suggested the previous suspension of meeting should be lifted and we should meet again.
8        AOB
Items were covered throughout the meeting.

9        Date, time and venue of next meeting
The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 15th October 2019. It will be held at the meeting room at the rear of St Mary's church, Eastwood and will commence at 7pm
calendar Our Next Neighbourhood Watch Meeting:

Tuesday 15th October 2019
at 7pm

                  Meeting held in the room behind
           St Marys Church, Eastwood


Interested in joining?

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