Eastwood Neighbourhood Watch Minutes

Meeting held on the 22nd May 2018 at the Colin Dyson Centre
Present: Cllr JM, DT, AS, VS, GM, PRG, RB, MB, JMHB

1.  Apologies, Introductions

    Apologies from Jan and Paul Bradford.

Matters Arising

        DT would contact Cllr Tony Harper to arrange his cheque presentation

        of £200 to Eastwood Neighbourhood Watch at a future meeting.

3.  Police Reports

   JM had spoken to Insp Riley with regard to releasing an officer to

    attend the meeting and present a police report. Sgt Andy Browning

    had organised PCSO Chris Cupit to give the presentation. On the day

    of the meeting Sgt Regan from Beeston had requested PCSO Cupit to

    go to Beeston to assist policing there. Therefore no officer was

    present and no report was received.  JM had also contacted Marice

    Hawley a crime officer for Broxtowe to request her attendance at the

    Neighbourhood Watch meeting. Marice wrote back to explain that

    because of staffing issues there was no longer the time for crime

    officers to attend neighbourhood watch meetings.

Those present were all very concerned that there had not been the attendance of a police officer at our meetings for over 2 years. Everyone present were convinced that the personal presence of an officer would be of mutual benefit to the neighbourhood watch and to the police.

There then followed an open discussion about the usefulness of neighbourhood watch meetings without the personal attendance of an officer. Without attendance it was felt that this called into question the future of Eastwood Neighbourhood Watch.

Cllr JM kindly agreed to contact both the police and a North Broxtowe crime officer, to clarify the situation with regard to how Eastwood Neighbourhood Watch was perceived particularly by the police and its usefulness to them.

Other suggestions were to contact the local MP and the Police and Crime Commissioner with the concerns described above. It was felt we should discuss this at the next meeting following JM contacting the officers for a reply first.

4.  Public Report  There followed an informal discussion with regard to issues concerning the membership. Many involved parking problems in Eastwood. At best these issues were extremely inconvenient for residents and at worse dangerous. It was suggested that a council camera car to capture and fine those committing offences, such as the one in Nottingham city might help.

DT reported that the increased police presence on and around the local park had reduced the anti social behaviour and possible drug dealing that was happening there. The police should be thanked for this as it was most appreciated by residents.

A member reported that on phoning 101 it had taken over 8 minutes for someone to answer his call.

5.  Treasurers report  the report was received. It was agreed to make a donation of £10 to the centre, for the use of the building for the meeting.

6.  AOB no matters were arising

7.  Date, time and venue of the next meeting

Tuesday 14th August 2018, at the Colin Dyson Centre, 7pm
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