How The Schemes Work

neighbourhoodSchemes can be large, covering many households on a street or an estate.  Others involve just half a dozen houses.  It depends on the area and what the members want.
Schemes are led by volunteer head co-ordinators assisted by street co-ordinators, whose job it is to get people working together encourage them to report incidents to the police directly or to them so that they can pass information on to the Police.
We also have a two-way communications system called Neighbourhood Alert.  Neighbourhood Alert can send and receive e-mail messages and voice mail messages, it passes on advice on how to safeguard yourself or your property, as well as warnings of bogus callers working in the area.  The public can also e-mail or send voicemail messages to the police to give information that may be of value.
Neighbourhood Watch Schemes are not Police-run groups, but to be truly effective against crime, they need to plan action in co-operation with Police or other agencies such as the local Authority, Fire service etc.
The Police can provide up to date crime figures.  Weekly Crime Reports are distributed via Neighbourhood Alert system so that you have an insight to what is happening in and around your area.
calendar Our Next Neighbourhood Watch Meeting:

Thursday 16th January 2020
at 7pm

                  Eastwood Town Council Chamber
                   in the room behind the
                 Better than Hypnosis store
              (was the old Eastwood Post Office)


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