Distraction Burglary

• Some burglars won’t go to the trouble of waiting until you’re out to burgle your home; they will knock at the door and wait for you to invite them in

• Bogus callers are not easily distinguished from genuine callers. They can be any age and be wearing any kind of clothing. They may use any kind of story to trick their way into your home

• Always look through a window to see who is at the door. You can fit a spy hole to your door if you are not able to see clearly who is calling

• Fit a door chain so you do not have to open the door fully to speak to the caller

• Distraction burglars have been known to work in pairs, so make sure doors and windows at the back of your house are locked before you open the front door. This will stop anyone from sneaking into your house via the back

• Ensure you know exactly who you are letting into your home. Ask to see some identification. If you are in any doubt contact the company they say they work for to ensure they are genuine before letting them into your home. Authentic callers will appreciate your concern and won’t mind waiting

• Install a light at the front of your house so you can clearly see anyone who calls at night

• If you are in any doubt – keep them out. Report any suspicious behaviour to the police

• Don’t keep large amounts of cash in your home. Use a bank instead, and make sure you keep your benefit or pension book somewhere secure.
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